Why we’re ditching the daily 9-5 in favour of casual work

Why we’re ditching the daily 9-5 in favour of casual work.jpg

Penned by Polina Montano, Co-Founder of JOB TODAY - the number one hiring app in the UK, and the fastest growing mobile hiring company in the world for casual jobs, that connects employers with millions of young job seekers in seconds.

For a number of years now, our general default to working hours is and has always been, the 9-to-5. But why is this so? Is it a habit, a result of our upbringing, what we’ve always seen, read and heard? Is there a comfort to this way of working and living?

I would suggest there’s truth in all above the above. However, change is already afoot.

On the JOB TODAY hiring platform we’ve seen a major change in the behaviours and desires of job seekers over the last 12-months – particularly young Brits.

Today’s career chameleons are ditching the race to chase elusive job titles and the ‘job for life’.

Instead, they’re pursuing multiple income streams through part-time, freelance and casual roles to realise their passions, develop new skills and champion a more balanced way of working. A multi-hyphenated way of working if you will.

We recently conducted new research that shows more Brits than ever before are ditching the ‘job for life’ with 1-in-3 revealing they want to work outside of the 9-5 hustle so they can pursue their passions.

In addition, we also found that 40% of Brits are in part-time, freelance or casual roles already. Whether it’s working as a part-time journalist, blogger, photographer or even a fitness pro, Brits are beginning to turn their hobbies and passions into sources of income.

Personally, I love that this generation is completely challenging the norms set by generations before us.

They’re leveraging multiple roles and ways of working to create a multi-hyphenated career that allows them to smash goals and create a lifestyle that better balances work, passion pursuits, and social / family lives.

However, while many millennials and gen-z job seekers (in particular) seem to have it all together, when it comes to pursuing their passions the reality is, the vast majority of young Brits still need a helping hand to go after their career goals.

We need to do more to help the next generation of young workers go against the grind: to embrace an alternate way of life, pursuing their passions and doing what makes them happy. Particularly when this type of lifestyle looks so different to parents, grandparents and even to friends.

We want to help. That’s why we’ve partnered with the king of the side hustle, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur and founder of urban music channel SB.TV, Jamal Edwards (MBE). We’ve partnered to launch the #worksforme campaign to give one young Brit the chance to realise their career dreams.  

Together, we’re giving one young Brit the boost they need to get their passion project off the ground through a chance to win an exclusive, one-on-one mentoring workshop with Jamal in London this summer. It’s incredibly easy to enter. Those interested can head to the @JobToday_UK Instagram page for more.