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Meet the founder of KBD

"Planning, planningand more planning! It is also important to remember that there’s not rush, there are things that you have to go through to get you where you need to be. I believe it is not all about talent and skill or even drive, there are things that you need to discover about yourself that only happens over time, Dionne Reid captured it so well by saying “respect your process”.


Meet the founder of Forty9Creates

"What's not to love? The sleepless nights, the midnight oil, the multiple hats I have to wear, the endless feeling of tiredness...I kid. I have a fascination for learning. Running your own business allows you to keep learning and moving forward with that knowledge. Accelerator allowed me to lay down strong foundations for Forty8Creates and ensured that I had access to the business essentials."


Meet the co-founders of Ugly Drinks

"There really are two ‘first years’ as a food and drink start up. There is the first year in the market, and the year before launch where everything really comes together. By the time we launched, the idea had been 18 months in the pipeline, and there had been plenty of hard work and thinking involved in getting everything to the point where it could be made and sold in store. We’ve learnt a lot already, but know the real hard work is just beginning!"


Meet the founder of Pip and Nut

"A few things. Firstly that success doesn’t happen overnight and that building a brand, that’s well loved by consumers, is a long game. Secondly, that it’s also very expensive, much more so than I’d ever anticipated, and really as a result keeping an eye on every bit of expenditure right from the start is key. Thirdly, to fundamentally have confidence in my own abilities. Building something from the ground up is something that not everyone can do and it requires a relenting amount of energy and belief to keep things moving."


Meet the founder of We Are Tea

"The real eureka moment came when my wife and I were on a weekend break in Budapest. It was a freezing cold day in March and we stumbled across an old tea house. The tea menu was more akin to a wine list and it really highlighted the flexibility of tea. Coffee is pretty one-dimensional in that it wakes you up but tea can wake you up, help you sleep and everything in between. I was hooked. I arrived back in the UK determined to break down the barriers to speciality tea and ensure it was more desirable and accessible to the consumer. "

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Meet the co-founders of All Shades Covered

" It’s a huge change. You go from working in a huge team or company, and now it’s a case where we work independently, and have to build a team around us to take care of different areas of the company. It takes a lot of discipline, but because we’re passionate about it we’re coming in everyday with the goal of innovating an industry.  When you have employees working for you, it makes you keep pushing for that. It’s exciting."