Meet the founder of Easy Safety Cert


1.  Please introduce yourself?  

I’m Bianca, I’m based in South West London and run Easy Safety Cert, an online software provider.

2.  What is Easy Safety Cert?  

Easy Safety Cert provides Gas Safe registered engineers with a software system for creating, sending and storing gas certificates on the go.  The system includes a free iPhone, iPad and Android app and saves engineers a significant amount of time and money.

3.  This is a really innovative idea, how has it grown since launch?  

Since launching we’ve really listened to our customers and developed the product to suit their needs.  As a result we’ve introduced several new gas certificates with more developments in the pipeline.  

4. Being a young entrepreneur – what do you enjoy the most about running your own business?

I really enjoy the diversity of running my own business.  You’re involved in every part of the business, from speaking to customers, marketing, accounts, PR, you’ve got to have it all covered!

5. What is the most exciting business decision you’ve made so far?

We’ve had great success in the Gas industry and based on this success we have made the decision to develop the software for a new industry.  We’re very excited to see what the future holds.

6. What is the worst?

We’ve made sure we’ve learnt from all our business decisions that didn’t go as planned, this way we can continually focus on what’s right for the business and keep moving forwards.  For example, our first pricing structure wasn't resonating well enough with potential customers so we changed it and this had a great impact.

7. What makes Easy Safety Cert so unique?

Our system has been designed by Gas Engineers for Gas Engineers so the focus is on usability and function making it a really unique, intuitive product.  We also provide our users with a pay as you go pricing system, which sets us apart from the competition.

8. Think back to when you’d just started out – what do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

Patience and perseverance is key.  When starting up you’re so excited about your new product and how it’s going to help the end user but often the end user aren’t even aware you’re there, so you need to be patient and keep your marketing momentum going all the time. 

9. How do you market your product?

We’ve chosen several marketing strategies all of which have been really successful.  They key has been advertising in trade magazines, this gets the product straight to the end user.  However, SEO, blogging and social media have also been key to marketing the product.

10.  How have you funded your business so far?

We’ve received funding from family.  However, now the business can start to re-invest it’s profits.

11.  What advice would you give to young budding entrepreneurs?

Once you have an idea do as much market research as you can.  This really is crucial for making sure you have the right product that really sets you apart from the competition.

12.  What plans do you have for Easy Safety Cert in the next 12 months?

We plan to introduce new gas certificates onto the system and also expand the product into a new market.