Growth continues for Dragons Den success Cocofina


Last August we watched Cocofina on the popular tv series Dragons Den, with founder Jacob Thundil. The pitch delivered to five formidable Dragons, introduced an incredible range of innovative products. The entire development process meant that Cocofina has positioned themselves as a global leader in the coconut-based food industry.  Jacob said yes and struck a deal with not just one but two Dragons, the two individuals he most wanted to work with, Sarah Willingham and Nick Jenkins.

Jacob founder of Cocofina said “having been born in Kerala, which in Sanskrit translates as ‘the land of coconuts’, became my destiny to explore how coconut species vary and how they are cultivated, harvested and produced”. In 2005 Cocofina was the first to launch its pure coconut water throughout Europe, winning an Excellence in Food and Drink Award in 2006.



The Dragons were enlightened with a range of products that convey an expert awareness of coconuts and how sustainable production has led to the development of inspiring, innovative products such as coconut Nectar, Flour, Amino, Milk, Detox Supplements, Snack Bars and Vinegars.

Months later, the coconut experts have launched their products on QVC. Featuring some of their most popular products in a cool assorted snacking selection:


Cocofina’s turnover has grown at an impressive speed. Four years ago, Cocofina’s turnover tripled, 3 years ago, it doubled, and last year it doubled again. Due to this, the company has expanded substantially in the last few years. It now has 7 full time employees and a similar number part time, many of whom speak different languages. Jacob originally worked part time in the business but has been working full time for the last 4 years. 

Cocofina is continually unlocking new markets. It hopes soon to be able to sell its coconut products back to Thailand and, judging from the company’s recent success, anything is possible as 2017 continues to unfold.


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