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Arya discovered the gap in the market while she was just an intern at a housebuilder in London. She saw the challenges in regards to the availability of mainstream finance to small and medium-sized housebuilders in Britain. She was also fed up with my money sitting in the bank and not earning any interest, so she decided to solve the gap in the market.

Her entrepreneurial journey began straight after graduating from UCL. She built the company as a sole founder, breaking into an industry that is very traditional. he is one of the youngest female entrepreneurs in the peer-to-peer lending property sector in the UK, ultimately revolutionising secured lending by making it accessible to all.

FutureBricks is a peer-to-peer lending platform for small and medium-sized housebuilders. At the same time, anyone can invest as little as £500 on our app and get up to 12% gross interest per annum. Capital at risk. www.futurebricks.com

Website: www.futurebricks.com

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