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Little Tummy is the first digital vertical children's food brand in Europe. We sell fresh, organic and pediatrician-approved baby meal plans through an online subscription model in the UK. Currently, the baby food market is dominated by highly-processed foods distributed through traditional retail channels.  We're incorporating the latest research on infant research and using an innovative cold-pressure method to produce fresh and healthier baby foods plus building a digital vertical integrated business.

Nadine Hellmann

CEO & Founder

After becoming godmother to her best friend’s baby, she started realising how busy the lives of young parents are today but also that there are no fresh, truly nutritious and convenient baby food options, which support parents to feed their little ones the best fresh foods when lives gets hectic. Being the founder of Little Tummy, Nadine ensures this trade-off no longer has to be made.

Before Little Tummy, she worked for companies such as Axel Springer SE, Bertelsmann and Mister Spex, developing new business and marketing strategies for US and European markets. She holds an MSc in Management from Imperial College London.

Dr. Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani

In-house Paediatrician & Co-Founder

Having trained at University Hospitals in Munich, Harvard and Bern, Sophie has spent the last 3 years working in the NHS and at a private paediatric practice. Having helped lots of families on their weaning journey, she felt there should be more help and support on hand for these parents. Knowing what an immense impact first foods have on her little patients’ development, she became the Co-Founder of Little Tummy.


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