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Jennifer Georgeson is So Just Shop’s founder and CEO.
Jennifer has extensive experience in both the not-for-profit and for-profit world.

So Just Shop is an accessories, homeware and gifting marketplace working directly with women-led artisans from some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Jennifer lived and worked for a number of years in Zambia, working on preven8on of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programmes with University College London, whilst simultaneously comple8ng a part 8me PhD. With a background in sta8s8cs project management she then successfully transferred these skills into marke8ng analysis consultant for a UK based tech start up. And project managed their flota8on on the London Stock Exchange.

Using shares from the flota8on of the business, Jennifer then went on to start a small not-for-profit providing project planning and pilot grant support for small not-for-profits based in India and Pakistan - working with women led organisa8ons on preven8on of early childhood malnutri8on and training of tradi8onal midwives.

Becoming a Programme Director for the Clinton Founda8on, Jennifer then moved out to Delhi, India for three years, working on public-private partnerships between the India Ministry of Health, Clinton Founda8on, Yale University and private investors. Returning to the UK, with the nascent idea of star8ng an impact business focusing on women's economic empowerment, Jennifer then went on to become the Opera8ons Director of a UK-based mobile- led tech start up giving her 8me and experience to develop the vision of So Just Shop.

Jennifer has an MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD from University College London.

So Just Shop is a fashion accessories, homeware and gifting marketplace working directly with women-led artisans in 35 of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Shopping with them enables you to reach untapped artisan talents from all over the world, giving you the opportunity for exclusive products and find out the stories behind them. They work directly with artisans on design and product development, supply chain transparency and mobile payments. Ensuring all of the products are ethically, and where possible, sustainably made. Their mission is to empower women through sustainable economic development by developing design and technological solutions to overcome barriers to international trade. So Just Shop was set up in 2015 and the aim is to raise 250,000 women and their families, from some of the poorest communities in the world, out of poverty. 


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