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Why it's cool to be an entrepreneur

"Growing up I used to think so many different things set the benchmark for what being ‘cool’ is. Once upon a time it was the James Dean and Miles Davies of the world – people pushing the boundaries from the norm and doing something new and unique. They were forward thinkers who were doing things their way, whether the world was ready for it or not."


The 5 greatest TedTalks every entrepreneur needs to watch

"If there is one thing I love doing is watching TedTalks and believe me, I've seen many. Especially around the areas of business, scientific growth and innovation. The last TedTalk I indulged in was by an amazing entrepreneur from South Africa called Vusi Thembekwayo. That's what I love the most about TedTalks, I've discovered entrepreneurs and scientists I wouldn't have known about. It's not only educational, but a powerful tool to inspire and develop our mindsets to think differently, while continuing to innovate our industry."


Not everyone needs GCSE's to succeed

"I’m not trumpeting my own achievements here, although I am proud of them. And I’m not doing down education: I think it’s important. If you’re the kind of person who can handle the whole academic and exam system, then good on you – I wish you luck (and part of me wishes I were like you!). What I am saying is don’t judge people according to what exams they’ve passed – judge them according to what they have achieved and how much hard graft they are prepared to put in."

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Advice for budding entrepreneurs from the Dragon and the Slayer


"If it helps, we both had barriers to overcome. Neither of us came from privileged backgrounds; or grew up with money but we both had the determination to keep us going in good times and bad. This is the message The Prince’s Trust works hard to communicate. If you’ve got an idea you believe in, put your head down and make it work. Don’t waver."

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What it means to chase your dreams as an entrepreneur

"Although it can be a struggle, being an entrepreneur is more about the journey in the end of it all, than it is about the successes when we finally get there. You will find that most people ask successful entrepreneurs how they got past the procrastination or how they managed the dry periods and disappointments, more than they ask how they spend their hard-earned money."

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Fancy ditching the 9-5?

Lastly, to quote Mr Branson once more:

“If you don’t like being an entrepreneur, you’re doing it wrong. When you can’t wait to get to work in the morning and you are generally having a good time, there is a far greater chance that you’ll create a positive, innovative atmosphere and your business will flourish.”