The Truth Behind What it Means to Chase Your Dreams as an Entrepreneur

Tori KBD




Entrepreneurship for most of us is having the ability to live and work as flexible as we want to. Most of us think; if I can just get it right, find the right idea and launch it, things would be easier and I could finally live the dream.

Unfortunately, the reality can be so much different to that. In fact, it could hurt and it could lead us to places where we even reconsider the dream. Where we question whether the dream is worth the confusion, mood swings and the tears.

Although it can be a struggle, being an entrepreneur is more about the journey in the end of it all, than it is about the successes when we finally get there. You will find that most people ask successful entrepreneurs how they got past the procrastination or how they managed the dry periods and disappointments, more than they ask how they spend their hard-earned money.

That’s simply because as humans we all feel the strain, albeit in various capacities, the journey for each of us is more similar than it isn’t.

Along with the strain, we feel the stress of not doing enough or not achieving the same number of accolades as our peers; quite possibly also, even the pain of not achieving the success of Mark Zuckerburg or Oprah. With the very popular and addictive social media platforms, things can get even more depressing, as we look at someone else’s success. Forgetting that those are just the highs of quite possibly some of the craziest life challenging experiences.

Let’s talk about that, because I want you to know that feeling insecure or not enough is human nature, and as an entrepreneur, you will feel all these emotions and more within a 24-hour period.

Which leads me on to Tori, founder of KBD. She is an entrepreneur on her journey to achieving what success means to her. When I came across her video on Youtube, it struck me that this is the reality, but it’s the reality most of us are afraid to talk about. The journey isn’t easy and we all experience different highs and different lows, and sometimes all of that at the same time. That is entrepreneurship!

Before you hit play, this quote from Tori stood out to me:

I see my end success, I see it so clear and nothing is going stop me from getting there.
— Tori Taiwo




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