Benefits of being the face of your brand

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There are many benefits of being the face of your brand. Who else knows more about why you decided to start your business or where you see your business going. For many start-ups who do not have big budgets for celebrity endorsements or otherwise, it is necessary to be the face of your brand. So even if you are the shy and retiring type, you will need to put yourself out there if you want others to buy into your business. It might seem like a daunting task but I have a few pointers on why being the face of your brand could be one of the most important and best decisions you make.

Everyone knows that Richard Branson founded the Virgin group and everyone also knows that Coco Chanel was the driving force and face of the Chanel brand for many years.

Some names and faces are synonymous with their brands and that is an incredibly powerful thing. It creates familiarity and builds trust and confidence.

Sara Tye, independent PR guru had this to say: “I would suggest that using a face for your business helps connect with your audience and gives you many more opportunities to talk about your organisation and communicate your messaging.  Whether that be at events, media interviews or social media.” She also felt that: “It also helps you be more authentic in a way.”

Similarly, if your start-up is more established and you have managed to build a reputation for yourself, then continuing to be the face of your brand is really a no brainer. For Tej Kohli, Chairman of Kohli Ventures and the Kohli Foundation, being a recognisable figure in the business world is a huge benefit to his company. He says: “People who deal with my company see my name and know that it is all about momentum and getting the job done – this inspires confidence and helps build strong business relationships. I have a strong track record, and am committed to exponential growth for my own companies and those that I invest in.”

Just Entrepreneurs - Branding

According to Louis Rynsard, Account Director at communications and reputation management firm SBC London: "Whether a start-up or an established company people don't just buy your products and services, they buy you and your core values.” Mr Rynsard went on to say that: "Firms benefit from having an identifiable leader who can espouse the 'why' of their business and speak not just to what the company does, but what drives it. Nothing builds long-lasting and impactful reputations more than a firm's leaders."

Being the face of your brand allows you to build that connection with your audience; more so, it makes your company more familiar, approachable and authentic. If you are able to control your brand’s image and the narrative around your story, that puts you in an incredibly powerful position. No one will be able to sell your business as well as you will so if you are a new start-up and you’re daunted by the prospect of putting yourself out there, seek out advice from a PR agency or a freelance PR consultant. Moreover, social media is a great way to communicate and engage with your audience. It’s also great for fine tuning your brand’s image and voice. And what’s more, it’s free!


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