Is it really that hard to get your start-up in the press?

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Getting your business some much needed news coverage can seem like a daunting prospect especially if you haven’t engaged with the press before. But if you want your business to grow, then getting your products or services out to the right audience is a must. I’ve put together a few tips on how to get your business in the press.

Storytelling and your audience

One of the most important aspects of selling your business is being able to share the story behind your business and to captivate your audience when doing so.

According to Martin Campbell, MD at Ormsby Street – a fintech start up; “The key to successful storytelling in business, and with press specifically, is not only to demonstrate success but also to bring it to life. So when I talk about Ormsby Street, I do not just rattle off a list of our achievements, I talk about why we started the business, how we all work together and how we are helping small businesses.”

If you’ve got as far as starting your own business then you’ll know who your audience is, so finding the right publication to feature your business is key when trying to reach your audience. Research your industry and network within it to find the right publication to feature your story.

Make it newsworthy

It might seem like a no brainer but if you want press attention you need to have news worthy information. There are so many milestones along the journey to starting your own business, for example, you might have just decided on your business idea or you’ve already secured funding, perhaps you’ve just secured a substantial investment which will transform your business. You may even be launching a new product or bringing a new service to the local community. There are countless milestones along the entrepreneurial road and one way to capitalise on those milestones is to share them with your audience by using the press. If your story is interesting and you want your audience to hear about it; find the right publication, reach out and engage with them.

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Use a public relations agency or consultant

If your budget permits, then a sure fire way of getting your start-up in the press would be to use a PR agency to manage your campaign and secure press coverage for your start-up. Use your PR agency to build relationships with journalists; meeting up for coffee or an after work drink is a great way to form relationships and to network.

If you’re a bit more pressed for cash then why not hire a freelance PR consultant? They represent great value for money and are able to provide a great service. So if you’re just starting up and need a bit of guidance, I’d recommend getting some advice from a freelance PR consultant.

Be persistent

You might have approached a journalist and they haven’t responded or you’ve been told that it might not be the right time to run your story. Do not be discouraged, instead, work on maintaining a relationship and be persistent. Approach numerous publications and shop your story around, what might be wrong for one publication could be perfect for another.

So there you have it, polish up your storytelling skills and really get to know your audience. Seek out the right publications for your story and get to know the right journalists. Find help in the form of a PR consultant if your business doesn’t have the budget to use an agency just yet and always, always be persistent.


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