How to Raise Your Kids in a Digital Era: Simple Tips

How to Raise Your Kids in a Digital Era_ Simple Tips .png

You can’t deny the influx of technology in this age. The young lads are the heaviest consumers of technology and while it may offer numerous benefits, dangers lurk in the dark alleys of the web

To the parents, this is a major concern noting the anonymity the internet provides. This means as a parent you must come up with new ways to guide your children. Some of which we’ll highlight in this article.

1. Mentor and Monitor

These two go hand in hand. Being a parent doesn’t mean you’re a military commander. It means you’re a light which lights the path as your child follows. It doesn’t help at all to be bossy and spying on all your child transacts over their phone, but it helps to monitor. In fact, consider going through the mspy blog to find out how can do this.

Instead, try and mentor them by communicating with them. This is only possible only if you’re friends with your child. Make them feel comfortable around you so they can tell you everything they come across in the digital space.

2. Learn Technology Yourself

It’s useless to regulate what you don’t understand. You see, technology is expansive and kids consume it at a rapid pace. Therefore, it’s your duty as a parent to always keep up or better yet stay ahead of the game. This way, you have the chance to know what your kids interact with on a daily basis.

If you can’t learn by yourself, try and get help for external sources such as the internet and from other parents with children in the same age bracket. 

3. Technology will Depend on How it’s Used

All good things come with positive and negative effects. Nonetheless, the decision to use technology for the good of the world is personal. Technology is good, it only depends on how it’s used. 

It’s difficult to monitor and control what teens do on the internet and over their phones, especially now when it’s essential in school research not to mention in communication.

With this in mind, it’s vital to lay the ground rules from the first time they interact with technology. Let them know the potential technology has both in the positive and negative realm. 

4. Technology is also in Your Jurisdiction

Let your kids know you have authority over the internet similar to how you have authority over other chores in the house or any other behavior. They must know you have complete control of what goes on in the house as well as with their lives, especially when it touches on technology.

5. Designate “Tech-Free” Zones

A tech-free zone is an area where your kids aren’t allowed to interact with any form of technology. One of the best places to implement this is at the dinner table. Make it a rule that when everyone is at the dinner table, no one uses their phones. 

This should be family time when everyone gets to share their day’s experience and bond. In addition, spending time on the phone as you eat can have negative side effects on your eating habits.

Technology is now part of the society we live in. it’s important to accept that truth in order to develop new parenting methods to keep up with the times. Face-to-face time with children is one of the ways to monitor and guide them.