How to reduce procrastination in business

Procrastination in business


We all have those days where we push things back and create an excuse as to why we can't do it today. Majority of the time it's more than feasible to fit it in, but instead figuring it out, we put it to the back of our minds or skip to the next task on our list. It's all pretty normal, especially when the task isn't something we are comfortable with.

Procrastinating seems very minor to the plethora of things we have to overcome, but by golly it is one of the biggest dream killer. It tends to show its ugly head when you have a long list of things to do that you may not enjoy. This overwhelming of not know what task to choose can lead to anxiety and loss of motivation. Even if you have all the passion in the world to make your small business a success, not dealing with those tasks you may not like can lead to the end of your journey.

I have dealt with procrastination and in actual fact, there are times when I deal with them now and usually it's a task I am not so fond of or something I don't have much understanding of. So I have jotted down the 5 things I do to get pass my procrastination and hopefully it will help you fuel your motivation to continue growing your small business.


Relax your mind and focus on why you may be procrastinating.

In some cases, it may be because you feel overwhelmed with the list of things you have to do. The best solution is to write it all down in bullet points, starting with the most urgent and working down your list one thing at a time.

Sometimes when you try to sort things out in your head, you get cluttered and lose focus on what is important and what can wait. It may even be because you don't necessarily like a particular task and that's fine. To tackle this, try to separate it into stages, then choose the best time, usually in the mornings. This will allow you to get some done work today and some done tomorrow and slowly get past the hump.


Pinpoint what often distracts you

Getting distracted when you need to focus can lead to the beginning of procrastination. Figure out what it is that pulls your attention away from your work and instead of doing it the moment it pops into your head, try to plan a time for it.

My guilty pleasure is Youtube vidoes, I could literally get lost in Youtube world for hours. To get pass this I dedicate every Saturday morning to have a little binge in bed. It relaxes my mind after a long week and doesn't take away from the things I need to do. This is simply about allowing yourself time to mess about without feeling guilty about not completing something on your list.


Perfection isn't everything

This may lead you down the road of never getting anything done, because your mindset is focused on making your project perfect before moving on to the next. The best thing here is to visualise the most realistic and organic end result. Spending more time than needs be does fuel delay after delay, so plan your project out before you get started and try to stick to your goals as much as you can.


Urgency gets the job done

Some of us will work harder and faster against the clock, so a good plan if you are like this is to push your tasks forward. You will find that the less time you have to complete something, the better output you'll get, which in turn creates greater results and less procrastination.

I tend to work better under pressure, so I know how long my rope is before I lose interest. Deadlines are important, so set them a little tighter.


Emails Emails........

Don't get lost in your inbox. As a small business owner, you may have to deal with every job in your business, so the amount of emails you have to respond to can be heavy. Instead of going at it as and when, pick a system. I tend to do emails in the afternoon, some people tackle them in the mornings, it's all a matter of preference and choosing when you can take them on.

This means you open up more time to get your list sorted, you fit in your emails and possibly add something to your list then get to the evening and take a break. We all need a break so we don't burn-out, so don't forget to take one.