Our Top 8 Affordable Co-Working Spaces in London

free and affordable cowering spaces in London



When you’re working hard on building your startup, one of the biggest pain area is having an office or a designated work space. Like most startups, everything is bootstrapped and saving on expenses is vital, because the finance just isn’t there to begin with.

This is where the use of Café’s and co-working spaces can come in handy. Not just for the sake of having somewhere to work, but being able to work in company, with the ability to network, have a sounding board for your ideas or sometimes, you may find your co-founder working right next to you.

To make life a lot easier and to stop you banging away at Google, trying to find a space to work for next few months, I have taken the time to list them for you. No matter where you are in your journey, this list will come in handy.


Campus Café London (Google)

The hotspot for entrepreneurs to turn up and work for free. The Campus Café is a great place to not only meet likeminded people, there are also great opportunities to collaborate and learn. Fresh coffee will be served along with healthy food options to fuel a long day of work. Its free to sign up and open to you straight away. As it is a very well-known location, it’s best to get there early to grab a good seat. If you are the type that likes to work in silence, you may find this challenging as there is always a great buzz in the Campus Café. Looking for something more permanent? Then check out the Techhub, which offers flexi desk spaces and full time coworking offices.


The Book Club

This is the home away from home, especially great for those who work from home, but would like a change of scenery. It has an arty décor with a very relaxed vibe, so you walk in, grab a seat, order a coffee and work your morning away. The space runs from morning till night and the atmosphere changes with it. You can start your day there with meetings or clear your work load, then pack your work away and take in the DJ sessions or fun events in the evening.



This is a very new concept and one that has been creating a buzz in London. The AirBnB for entrepreneurs and professionals. This company allows you to rent affordable spaces from homeowners who have a spare room; rental is by the hour, an entire day or a week. Spaces are currently available across London, with plans to grow across the UK.




Hailed the number one coworking and office space for Tech startups in South London. Located in Croydon this new hotspot is buzzing with passionate Tech startups. The space boasts a well-stocked café, shared office space, coworking space, private offices, meeting rooms for hire and an event space. They host regular events, which are always jam packed with driven entrepreneurs. If you’ve looking for somewhere to not only work from, but gain support for your startup, this is the place.




If you are searching for a quirky space, with the ability to get some serious work done, this is the location for you. With two locations, one in Shoreditch and the other in Clerkenwell; Huckletree offers a permanent desk space, meeting rooms as well as private offices. They run regular classes and workshops to educate, while offering a great way for you to network and meet like-minded people.


Dek Catford

More than just a workspace, this is a hub for entrepreneurs to network and work together. Created by London Small Business Centre, the space has a café, coworking desk space and meeting rooms. There are also regular events and workshops to promote growth, along with access to startup funding. Although Catford is its central location, there two other locations in Deptford and Ladywell.


Work Hubs

This works great if you are in London for a few days and need somewhere to work from or in need of a semi-permanent coworking space. As expected, there is great wifi, with free tea and coffee on tap. This space is especially created for freelancers and the self-employed in need of a coworking community. They are strong on giving value and focus heavily on community spirit, so if you need a space that is affordable and supports your business, this is the one.


Green House London

This is a unique coworking space, as it promotes wellbeing, even in the way the space is designed. It has a strong community feeling and boasts all you’ll need to work and socialise at the same time. The space offers hot desking, permanent desk space and a shared space for you and a small team. There are regular events and workshops to support and inspire. There is 24-hour access, plus venue hire, if you have an event or celebration coming up.


Found an amazing coworking space that you'd like to share with us? Then jot it in below along with their website.