What can Entrepreneurs learn from Bloggers?



The internet has taken over how we launch and grow businesses, with every startup wanting to achieve online success. Rightly so, as most of us are online, at least 4 hours per day: a smidge bit more if you are a social media addict like myself. This makes it the best option any startup can take, which is to be online and interact with those who are interested in their product or service.

Running a business takes time and managing this can be a little tasking, especially if you are just starting up and currently have multiple job titles under your belt. You are the administrator, sales team, marketing manager, graphic designer and of course, the founder. Now, it's time to add blogger to your list of roles. Although, time has moved on since the first wave of bloggers, their techniques and expertise is still valuable to any business owner.

Before getting started, most bloggers focus on what they enjoy. They then share this through easy to digest content, while engaging with what their audience wants to see and read. You can use this technique to create content that connects and influences your audience.

Here are my five top tips to replicate what bloggers do to achieve the online presence you need for your startup business:


  • Decent and relevant content

Every successful blogger will tell you that content is the most powerful tool to connect with your audience. After great written content, it's the images. It's good practice to make it likeable. Something you would spare two seconds to like or share on any social media platform. Some blog content travels across the internet just based on the image alone.



  • More social media

Take the time to set out a social media plan when sharing your posts. The posts will vary depending on what platform you choose to use. For instance, with Facebook you will benefit a lot more from video content or a targeted posting schedule, with engaging content of course. Do not rush this - do your research, look at other brands similar to yours and work out what will work for you and what won't. Most bloggers tend to check out the competition on social media, to gauge the difference in creativity. Although they do take a peek at their competition, they always focus on being as unique as possible. It is the personality and flare, that really works on social media.

  • Show passion

Your online customers are more drawn to the love and passion you show to them. The main objective is to be motivated by what you're doing rather than focusing on the monetary gains. Most customers can smell the difference between a passionate post to help, inspire or motivate, than posts solely based on gaining more leads and sales.

  • Be unique

Your readers will value the expertise and knowledge you have to share, so don't hold back. Once you have chosen your niche, this should make it easier to tailor your voice and advice to meet the needs of your target audience. Keep it you - keep it fresh!

  • Value your feedback

All bloggers value the interest from PR agencies, feedback from readers and endorsements from other companies, more than they value the amount of money they make online. This will allow your business to transfer the benefits of getting good feedback into incredible value for your startup.

Becoming successful isn't about the money, but to make money each startup needs loyal and fully dedicated customers. Take the time to build up your customer base, though it will not happen over night, no one wants to be a one hit wonder. Customers appreciate communication and value and they will part with their hard earned money with a company that stands for something they also believe in.