No more knickerbocker glory, there's a new Coolercab in town!


New London start-up, Coolercabs, have launched a brand new mobile ice cream concept that aims to bring customers a fresh take on a traditional 99 and ice cream sundaes. Forget old-fashioned Knickerbocker Glories, artificial sauces, canned whipped cream or soggy wafers, Coolercabs offers delicious soft serve ice cream and sundaes all served out of traditional black London taxi.

Set to be spotted at foodie festivals across this country this summer and available for private event hire, Coolercabs offers a carefully curated ice-cream menu featuring top-quality, premium ingredients. Customers can choose from classic cones which comes complete
with sauce and their twist on the traditional flake, or choose from a range of signature sundaes, all of which are distinctively delicious. Highlights include the dreamy ‘The Hollywood’, which features popcorn, popping candy, chocolate chunks, sea salt, and topped with salted caramel sauce.

Coolercabs was founded by a young couple with a love for ice cream, who were in part inspired by their three year old daughter, who from a young age played happily for hours pretending to make and sell ice cream to all she met, from kids in the park to family and friends on visits. This passion, coupled with their entrepreneurial tenancies, marketing, sales and operational background led them to embark on this exciting journey.

With street food on the rise across the UK and beyond, and the increase in dessert focused operators, it dawned on them there was a gap in the festival market for a premium ice-cream, with many current offerings focussed on doughnuts, waffles and crepes. Coolercabs offers a fully customisable service, from the menu and packaging to reskinning
the taxi. They use recyclable/biodegradable packaging and have vegan options available on request for events.




The vehicle itself has been transformed into an eye catching ice cream cab with social media and instagram inmind, but still very much in keeping with an iconic London black cab (although not black now). The roof has been cut out to serve from the top whilst all other features remain in place. The personalised registration plate gives the cab a finishing touch.

‘We worked hard to create an exciting menu with a point of difference, using premium products that you don't get from a traditional ice cream van. From high quality Vegan waffle cones, gluten free ice cream mix to a delicious berry coulis as an alternative to strawberry sauce. Our Signature sundaes range was designed to cater for all tastes, whether your a ‘Chocoholic’ or a ‘Cheescake’ fan, there's something for everyone.’ Clare Cooper - Co Founder




Snap, share and enjoy is the moto. With the words share and enjoy have duel meaning. Share the product and share via social. The product and unique cab have been designed so that you want to share them. And enjoy doesn't just mean enjoy the product it means enjoy
the experience too!

‘We want customers to have an enjoyable experience, we want them to love the cab and product as much as we do. Our aim is to create a fun, vibrate brand that keeps customer experience at the heart.’ Asha Phillips - Co Founder 

Coolercabs is available to hire for private events, weddings, and all occasions as well as being present at a range of festivals and events until October when it will have a makeover for an exciting winter concept. Watch this space!


Emily CorleyComment