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“My Arabic heritage was instrumental to me embracing all aspects of Arabic culture. My career was built around teaching the ancient art of eyebrow threading. After another request from a friend to make that ‘Madamous stuff’, I made a fleeting comment to my sister “It’s a shame we can’t just buy it ready made” 

This prompted me to search and I realised Ful Madamous was not on the British market… 

This is where my story begins…….….My parents influence was instrumental to me embracing all aspects of Arabic culture in particular food. This prompted me to explore the healthy aspects of innovative cuisine. As a health and fitness enthusiast my general wellbeing has always been paramount not only for myself but for my family. 

I am at my happiest when I get my crazy family together around a dinner table where we can make memories that can last a lifetime. It was important to me to create a brand that is authentic whilst being thoroughly modern. A reflection of who I am as a person. Food should bring people together and I believe true happiness must be shared.

My entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental in taking Cuzena to heights that are unprecedented for a start-up business and my unwavering determination will establish a leader brand.”

We are a British brand with a thoroughly, strong Middle Eastern Identity. We are a modern contemporary brand bursting with flavours, colours, and life. We seek out hidden Arabic Flavours and make them world FAMOUS. We exist to redefine the perception of middle eastern food.

Born from love of family and a passion to share.

We believe that food should bring people together. We honour the Arabic tradition of ‘one plate’ by designing all our dishes to be shared. The best kept secret of Arabian cuisine is about to become your new favourite go-to snack.

Full Madamous is a fava bean dip. Healthy, nutritious, and absolutely delicious, MADAMOUS is suitable for vegans and those following a free-from diet.

Insanely healthy, high in protein and low in fat unlike a conventional dip it can be enjoyed both hot and cold and contains 75% less calories than an average pot of houmous.

(We didn’t invent Madamous we just perfected it….)

Our three introductory products are:

A Fabulous Fava bean dip loaded with aromatic
spices, garlic, coriander & chilli.

Fiery Chilli:
A Fabulous Fava bean dip with a fiery stash of chilli,
aromatic spices, garlic & coriander.

Caramelised Onion:
A Fabulous Fava bean dip packed with sweet,
caramelized onion.


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