the pished fish

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In the old days it’s fair to suggest that salmon was big on theatre but light on adventure.  It was a truly cherished albeit elitist symbol of foodie wisdom, affluence and willingness to push out the boat for friends and family. And yet, in all honesty, did this decadent fish ever truly conjure up the same level of deep-seated lust that might be afforded to pork & crackling, a perfectly primed slab of rare cooked beef or some succulent lamb.  

For all its discreet and sophisticated ways, salmon has unwittingly become typecast as the perfect warm-up act for the universally applauded roast.  No one questions salmon’s dainty flavours, moreish textures or enviably healthy stance (jam-packed with beneficial nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, B vitamins…..) without ever getting pulses racing UNTIL NOW!

James Eagle’s vision was to shine a light on salmon’s more audacious, heroic and booze-infused side, showcasing the mighty salmon’s unrivalled capacity to pair majestically with best-in-class botanicals and alcoholic beverages before being thoughtfully smoked in small batches.  In these more food/health conscious times James realized that now was the moment to showcase salmon’s more hedonistic urges.

The Pished Fish shows salmon’s more sociable side, a willingness to mix with all manner of intriguing alcoholic infusions from Augustus Gloop (raspberry vodka & blueberries) Gin & Tonic and Margarita to Erik The Red (Aquavit, beetroot, star anise and juniper to) new fish on the block for Christmas 18, Sozzled Santa (brandy, nutmeg, cinnamon & clementine zest).

In short, The Pished Fish tips its hat to salmon’s well-heeled, healthy reputation whilst highlighting a rather refreshing mischievous streak.


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