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“Born French, I studied Economics in France and the UK. I then moved to the USA, in Columbus (OH), and had my first experience working with social entrepreneurs. It changed my vision to do business - I realised that it is possible to have a strong environmental/social commitment and to run a successful business. Returning to France I had the opportunity to work for startups in digital and education before moving to Senegal. There, I was freelancing for several startups and a business angel club. I loved the experience! It was very interesting to work in a culture that is completely different to my own - the inhabitants are fantastic people. Over two years ago, I moved to the UK and wanted to work in the food industry. I was very interested in craft, artisan food - I decided to start a catering company, Elysia Catering, focusing on food sustainability and promoting local producers. We are now based in Bermondsey with a fantastic team of 4 people. A challenging and fascinating job, I love every second of it.”

Sophie Andre is on a mission to reduce food waste while also giving businesses access to high quality artisan food.

It all started with the business idea to sell high-quality breakfasts on-the-go for business people next to tube stations. Sophie met with British producers and growers, learned about food production and the limitations of the system. It was shocking to see the quantity of food that is thrown away due to overproduction, failed aesthetic standards or cancelled orders.

That’s why she decided to base her business idea using high-quality local surplus food - ensuring minimal impact on producers and food waste. 

From marmalade made from wonky fruits to high quality British cheeses with a hole and tasty coffee beans roasted in London, she has found so many fabulous naturally imperfect food and brings it to events at clients like Airbnb, Ted Baker, and University College London, and the Cabinet Office.

Since 2016, she has saved more than 6 tonnes of British food and served more than 16,000 people around London. But not only that, Elysia catering’s turnoverincreased threefold between June 2017 and June 2018.

Website: www.elysiacatering.com

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