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Pia Varma grew up in a family of curious foodies and has always loved experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and ingredients. One evening, whilst recreating a cranberry sauce from a recipe book, she realised she needed a dash of Port. Knowing she wouldn’t need the Port for anything else, she wasn’t keen to spend £15 on a full bottle. Having searched unsuccessfully in supermarkets, convenience stores and off licenses for just a small quantity of Port to cook with. She immediately spotted a gap in the market and the idea for Just A Splash was born. The business has grown from a kitchen table idea into a fast-growing brand with major grocery listings.

Just A Splash is a range of five recipe-sized culinary spirits and fortified wines, adding delicious flavours, colours and textures to almost any sweet or savoury dish. Available in Brandy, Port, Rum, Sherry and Marsala, the range is the only one of its kind, as they come in perfectly portioned 100ml pouring pouches which means no more fussing with unnecessarily expensive large bottles of alcohol that take up cupboard space and ultimately never get used. And they’re as cheap and cheery as a packet of parsley.

Just A Splash has won a World Food Innovation award for ‘Best Ingredient Innovation’ and has earned the praise of several well known celebrity chefs. Available from Ocado, Whole Foods and Sainsbury’s for £1.99 per pouch.

Website: www.justasplash.co.uk

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