pep and lekker

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It wasn’t that long ago that the words ‘vegan’ ‘snacking’ and ‘appetite appeal’ would have looked more than a little awkward in the same sentence.   In much the same way early gluten free treats exuded all the appetite appeal of soggy sandpaper, the chances of finding a vegan snack that you’d be willing to eat during daylight or  share with a friend without feeling ‘judged’ were practically nil.

Fortunately was about to turn 50, the moment she realized that this was the perfect step change moment to wave goodbye to her lucrative corporate lawyer career and set up her very own fledgling start-up, the very same ‘feel passionate about businesses’ she’d spent a lifetime encouraging others to embrace.

Susan just needed a project she felt suitably committed to, which came courtesy of her ‘lazy,’ vegan son whose consistently poor eating decisions were starting to result inhis health lapsing.  Looking a little deeper into the incumbent vegan snacks on offer, Susan became increasingly agitated by the various spurious health claims or ‘foggy ingredient decks’ that were being championed on products that were anything but all-natural!’

In a nutshell Seed Snacks tackle the timeless urban myththat better-for-you snacking needn’t mean drab, dreary nibbles devoid of flavor, imagination or whole-hearted appetite appeal.  Better than that they’re low calorie, satisfyingly crunchy and come in planet friendly compostable packaging.


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