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Jamie Crummie trained as a lawyer before pursuing his mission of fighting food waste. He is an activist motivated by social and environmental impact and importantly wanting to raise awareness and change human behaviour on a number of pressing issues. Working in NGOs he campaigned and worked towards refugee rights, most recently working in the Calais jungle. His exposure to food waste came on the back of his work with Amnesty International which spurred him to disrupt the way we consume and value food.

To Good To Go is the world’s largest online marketplace for surplus food. On a mission to empower everyone to take action against food waste, their passionate Waste Warriors have started a Food Waste Revolution. The free app connects retailers with surplus food available to local consumers who purchase, collect and enjoy it. They are live in nine countries (and counting!) and have saved over 8.6 million meals globally, with 350,000 of these in the UK alone.


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