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After 25 years working in and for large organisations, Helenor and Mike Rogers set up TrooFoods Ltd to put all of the learning and experience to good use in their own venture.

Both passionate foodies, they’d been seeking out an exciting new food business idea.  After all those years working for other companies and building brands it felt right to try to do this for themselves.   With Troo they  felt like they’d hit the right opportunity and were raring to go.

Troo’s values mirror their own - authenticity, simplicity, being straightforward and good in every way.  The company’s purpose is to help people with their gut health, scientifically proven to be essential for both physical and mental health and wellbeing.  They do this by creating delicious prebiotic-packed food and by inspiring and educating  people to help them understand more about the importance of gut-healthy eating.   They are also campaigning for clearer on pack nutritional labelling to help people make better choices.

As well as making people healthy and happy, they want to play their part in caring for the planet too. They have made a commitment to be as plastic-free as they can - this includes being the first granola in plastic-free packaging.

They’ve come a long way in a short time, but still have miles to go!  They love being part of something with such huge potential and look forward to the next step in this exciting entrepreneurial journey.


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