Meet the founder of ChocoRia




1.    Hi Na’Ariyah, please tell us about the young lady behind ChocorRia.

I am 9 years old I live with my brother Malachi, my mum Chileshe and my dad Julian. I go to a Spanish school, my favourite sports are swimming, dancing and gymnastics. I enjoy cooking, DIY’s and life hacks. I love travelling and spending time with my family and friends


2.    As a chocolate lover, I am very excited for the alternative, yet delicious product you have created. What was the inspiration behind it?

I’ve been eating ChocoRia for as long as I can remember. My mum came up with the recipe as a healthier chocolate option for my brother and I. I was originally going to write a cookbook and ChocoRia was one of the recipes so that is the recipe I picked to share with the world


3.    You are not only an entrepreneur you are a YouTuber and a renowned speaker. How do you juggle so many hats at the same time?

 I have learnt how to multi task. I like to plan everything out and organise everything in advance, so I can take on each task calmly. 


4.    Do you remember how you felt when you created your first pot of ChocoRia?

 Yes, I do I was really excited to make it and package it, it was so much fun. I was excited to finally share ChocoRia with the world.


5.    Who inspires you to be go after your dreams?

My Mum and Dad. They teach me to reach for the stars and that I can do anything I put my mind to, whenever I feel like quitting they encourage me to keep on going. 



6.    What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not running ChocoRia?

 I really enjoy gymnastics, experimenting with DIY’s,  YouTube, and cooking.


7.    How did you fund it all in the beginning?

 My parents helped me to fund my business.


8.    Where can we buy ChocoRia?

I sell ChocoRia at events and on my website.


9.    What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business?

I would say find your passion and do what you love. Also believe in your self and never give up


10.   What are your top tips on staying motivated?

·      Remember that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

·      Spend time with the people you love, they are your biggest supporters.

·      If something dose not work out as your planned try again.

·      If you cannot find a solution take 5 minutes off and do something else the solution will always come to you.


11.   What plans do you have for ChocoRia, Youtube and your speaking career over the next 3 years

For my YouTube channel to grow. To have more speaking engagements, so I can inspire children and possibly adults. To also be inspired by people I meet. I would like to expand ChocoRia, to add another product or 2 to my range and travel the world and exhibit at as many events as possible.


To find out more about ChocoRia, head over to the website and connect on Youtube