Meet the founder of Goddess Acumen




Dr Helen Johnson is a practitioner in Integrated Energy Techniques with a PhD in transforming lives and founder of Goddess Acumen, a company that helps women to be the truest, bravest versions of themselves utilising EFT, NLP, hypnoses and goddess archetypes. 


Hi Helen, I am very excited to have you here. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and why Goddess Acumen?

I was actually a lawyer believe it or not! However, I suffered a bereavement (my mum) and it brought a lot into perspective and I realised law wasn’t really me. I did various things after that, including a PhD on how people change their lives. During that same time I got into energy healing – meditation, EFT, that kind of thing and I also started reading Goddess Psychology and thought it was a great way of understanding our lives as women. I decided that using all of this knowledge combined was what I wanted to do.


What was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

I had to decide between status or trying to find something that fit me as a person. I had to embrace uncertainty – even failure – and go in a direction that wasn’t so obviously lucrative, impressive, and secure. I still sometimes think damn why didn’t I do things the simple way! But it’s been a much better journey than it would have been. I decided early on that you are a person who goes for money and status or you allow yourself to be driven by something else. I didn’t want money and status to dictate my life.


You have an important job on your hands, and one I know you are very passionate about. What would you say to an entrepreneur going through the motions of success and pitfalls?

Just to remember that uncertainty and imperfection are parts of life and that you can’t design them out so you might as well embrace them. Being humbled sometimes is good for you, it forces you to stop relying on your successes to make you feel good. 


What’s the story behind the 6 Goddesses and how have they have inspired your journey?

Ha the stories are very old! They’re from Greek Mythology, I read a book about Goddess psychology which talked about how these myths help us to understand ourselves and resolve inner conflict. I found it such a refreshing and powerful way of talking about femininity that I decided more people should know about it.

I feel like we can really typecast ourselves these days, as well as neglect different aspects of our lives that actually need attention. When we become conflicted we can resent the parts of ourselves that aren’t doing what they ‘should’. With Goddess Psychology, you learn to balance and reconcile different aspects of yourself, some of which are even hidden, and you learn to find more possibility and freedom. 



Who is your target audience?

I help people who feel disconnected from themselves and like they are on autopilot – normally people in their 30s and 40s who have got into habits without really being conscious of their direction. I help them to reconnect to themselves and get more enjoyment out of life.


What are your top tips for a healthy work life balance?

Prioritise the important but not urgent stuff – MAKE SURE you give this stuff time and energy. The urgent stuff will get done anyway and the not important stuff will fall away if it there is no time. It’s when we neglect the important but not urgent things in our life that we end up on autopilot, existing but not really living.


When did you realise that Goddess Acumen would change lives?

When it changed mine to start using EFT, engaging with Goddess archetypes, and generally doing dynamic stuff for my personal development. Then when I started coaching people and saw the results!


How do you measure success?

By two things: how much pleasure I have in my life and how much ‘flow’ (this is when I feel really connected and absorbed in what I am doing).


If you could choose one person to record your voicemail, who would it be and why?

I don’t like anybody else speaking for me (I would be lousy at cheating in exams because I’d want my own ideas to come across!), so I would choose myself. However, if that wasn’t an option I would choose the Dalai Lama because he is a) cheerful b) funny and c) has good karma. I saw him speak once and he had me grinning the whole time. I’m sure his vibes would rub off on people even just down the phone.


What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started Goddess Acumen?

I wish I had known that the less self-conscious I am, the better work I do. Trying to get things ‘right’ for someone else just ends up in me sounding ridiculous!


Would you call yourself an entrepreneur? If yes, how would you define being an entrepreneur?

Yes insofar as I have taken control over my own career portfolio, diversified my income, and pretty much work on my own terms. No, insofar as I would be absolutely appalling on The Apprentice.


What plans do you have for Goddess Acumen over the coming 12 months?

I am actually currently writing a book, so watch out for that! For the most part, I run two 1-2-1 coaching/EFT courses that are all about finding more balance, connection, and enjoyment in life. In the new year, I will also be running a series of group workshops, some focusing on EFT and clearing anything holding us back in love, life, and career and some focusing on Goddess archetypes and finding more balance and self-acceptance.