Recalling the Life of Nelson Mandela - Mandela: The Official Exhibition launches in London

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To commemorate the centenary year of Nelson Mandela’s birth, and to honour the 5th year of his passing, Shout About London are delighted to announce the World premiere of Mandela: The Official Exhibition, at 26 Leake Street on 8th February 2019.

Positioned in the new cultural heart of London, Mandela: The Official Exhibition is the inaugural exhibit to launch at 26 Leake Street. Making up 3 of 8 former railway arches, 26 Leake Street opened last year as part of a huge regeneration in Lambeth led by LCR; its focus to capture the essence of urban culture with a curated collection of independent bars, restaurants and event spaces.

Offering a brand-new world-class gallery space, the cavernous venue will host a diverse event series alongside the much-anticipated exhibition. Drawing from 26 Leake Street’s buzz words “Creativity. Culture. Collaboration”, there will be a number of regular events around the expo, from a speaker series to live music events, each one composed to perfectly complement Mandela: The Official Exhibition.

Promising to educate, entertain and inspire, Mandela: The Official Exhibition is the only international exhibition to be presented in collaboration with the Mandela Royal Family Council, celebrating the impact of the lawyer, revolutionary, prisoner and eventual world leader.

Delving into the extraordinary life and legacy of the global icon, the exhibition showcases previously unseen artefacts, laying bare a side of Nelson Mandela that has only ever been seen by those closest to him. Allowing guests the chance to get up close and personal to the man behind the myth, viewing momentous items many of which have never left his native South Africa, this is an exhibit like no other, offering many firsts with exclusive disclosure.

Enthralling visitors with an immersive experience that unfolds several experiential zones, Mandela: The Official Exhibition reveals the esteemed leader’s epic life story; from little-known beginnings in Mvezo, Transkei, through decades of turbulent struggle against oppression, to his eventual vindication and final years as South Africa’s first black president.

Peeling back the public façade to expose the ‘Father of South Africa’ in some of his rarest and finest moments, Mandela: The Official Exhibition is a celebration for change, reminding everyone of the need to stand up against injustice.

Mandela: The Official Exhibition

Friday, 8th February – Sunday, 2nd June 2019

26 Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN

Mandela Exhibition


Nelson Mandela’s grandson, HRH Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela says of the exhibition:

“The Royal House of Mandela is delighted to endorse this exhibition honouring the life and legacy of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as it truly captures the spirit of our global icon whose name has become synonymous with international solidarity, justice and peace. It succeeds in quintessentially depicting the man and the legend whose struggle and sacrifice has captivated the hearts and minds of millions around the world. This exhibition is truly an inspiration and an inspired effort; I believe that everyone who sees it will agree that the legacy lives on and that the dream will never die.                     

London and the United Kingdom more broadly was home to many South African exiles and activists in the anti-apartheid struggle. In the 1980s and ‘90s Trafalgar Square and South Africa House was the scene of many a picket and protest action and this news found its way to Mandela in his cell, either in encoded messages, by word of mouth and in the latter years, via news clippings. It was therefore no surprise that Madiba chose London as one of the first cities outside Africa to visit as free man after his 27-year incarceration. I can say without the slightest doubt that Madiba would have given his stamp of approval to staging this exhibition in London.”

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